Milan men's fashion starts tomorrow


An earthquake virtually shook Haiti to the ground this week. Terrorism and conflict grips the world by the throat,  gobbing in its eye intermittently, while all the time the pending eco-nause-up looms nastier and smellier.  Doom and gloom for the new decade abounds. Bugger.

 But wait. Hold tight. Milan men’s fashion week starts tomorrow. You never know, something really significant might happen.

I doubt that frankly, but intend to bring you the real news and views from  junctures that I choose.

How much stylish, relevant stuff gets paraded down those runways anyway? Not a lot.  Ideas, fantasy, and luxury? ‘They say nothing to me about my life’ as a Northern lad once bemoaned.

For the highs and lows from Milan, log on to Style & Error.


Tom Stubbs