Fernandez & wells.

Cake&style hotbed.

                Some Victoria sponge, earlier.

A long time ago I got sucked into a coffee shop that sold authentic pastis de nata in the middle of Soho. Its on Beak Street. I ate their chorizo too. I then embraced the Lexington Street one that sells wine cheese and meat. Its pretty much perfect in there.

I became matey with George Fernandez and Mr.Wells

In the Beak Street branch I just caught up with Fernadez who was dressed like a stylish wilderness man. He loves his specialist labels.  

Now he’s talking about opening a new shop selling interesting men’s stuff, working title Trading Post.  If its as good as his take on food, it’s gonna be brilliant in there.

PS. That blokes coat is so good, no? It reminds me of some work tailing legend Edward Sexton has done. We shall see more from him shortly.

PPS. Georges boots are by Quoddy.


  Blurring is de rigeur down Lexington Street.