Loafer love/Snaffle compulsion.

Gucci and other bit players.

I’ve been calling up Gucci and putting loafers on hold.  Every couple of days. For days. This has gone for ages. I put a client in them a while ago and got obsessed. Shoe jealousy is an ugly thing.  The ones in question are the classic of classics leather snaffle style complete with red and green webbing. Current fashion led styles are a little bit silly in comparison. The right ones won't be around for long. My tax bill was off the hook on account of my deliberate posturing to look good for a mortgage, and Gucci’s just aren’t in the equation right now. Or are they?

I bought them. In a moderately shame faced manner, I’ve not put them on yet. I’m saving their debut. Don’t tell my mother. I said that twenty years ago in 1989 when I spent my student poverty loan on a pair. £185 they were then. For years they’ve remained at about £200, but in Autumn I noticed they’ve gone up to £325, for Christ's  sake.

Just horsin' around.

I do have some friends at Guc’, and they have been helpful. There is something so very special about these shoes. They’re daft for sure, but there is something magical about them too. There are many notable wearers. Yul Brynner loved 'em as far back as the late Fifties. Dustin Hoffman wore them in Kramer vs. Kramer. David Dimbleby is mad for 'em. I'm sourcing images of all.


While I was looking for other shoes for said client, I found some double fancy-able ostrich and python snaffle loafers in an odd boutiquey shop called F.Pinet on New Bond Street. They’re more than a little Nigerian Prince in style, and not for everyone. I love them. They're £650. Some enquiries turned up that they’re owned by Russell&Bromley. Good pals of mine, I visited R&B and engaged on the snaffle scene. It appears years ago Gucci attempted a snaffle loafer based copyright legal move over Russell & Bromley. They counter sued and won on the basis that they had an original horse-bit style loafers themselves. It seems the both a have a claim, so had to settle for slightly different spec split between the two of them. How sweet.

Bring them to my tent.

I'll take all the colours and all of the sizes.

I promise to deliver a less snaffle skewed show report to you shortly. It's all about flash loafers, always has been.

Until then, here’s a small confession. They're not my only pair. Want a sneak at my collection? Please don’t tell the taxman, my mortgage broker, my shrink or worst of all, my Mum. None of them would understand.

Guess who made the middle pair?

Sublime style. Practicality in tandem with subtlety.


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