Middle Earth Smurf antidote

I’ve got a problem with those Smurf hats that are still so popular.

It’s gone on for winters now, and yet droves of idiot men are still happily walking round do their best to impersonate Jude, Brad and Russell, in turn trying to go undercover dressed as dwarfs. Sort of gothic grunge incognito is the idea I’m guessing. 








 The Lord of the Rings convention was well attend by A listers.


Think have found the antidote though. I shrunk a normal ‘Benny’ hat I going running in by CP Company. (That’s Benny from Crossroads, not beanie). Now it’s a gnome hat. There is something so utterly un-style&fashion about it, I have become obsessed. I’m sure you can see why. It has  a certain resonant honesty to it, no? 


      Gnome Boy style.

I’m wearing it now with pride. It’s versatile too, as I can still run in it. Who says fashion has to be pretentious and complicated?

Meanwhile I’m starting the Style&Error Smurf hat amnesty. Simply whip one off an offending pillocks head, and send it to me at Style&Error. I’ll send you a certificate and alternative style based item. 

Stubbs out.

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