Here’s an easy one to decipher.  

Style: Smoking feels good, looks chic but best of all you get to carry brilliant lighters around with you. 

Error: You die horribly from it apparently.

I’ve just given up as my 5k times loomed closer to 21mins that 20, and my chest at night started to sound like Steptoe's older invalid brother. Note this weeks ‘To do’ diary entry for indisputable evidence of my commitment. 


                 Meticulous diary keeper McQueen, never inhaled

Those lighters are well suave though.  I shot them as monolithic tomb stones just in case the death thing didn’t come across. They're really are a pleasure to own, great to brandish but not to smoke yourself perhaps. On the left is a Dunhill 'Rollagas', gold plated and ribbed, and to the right is a S.T.Dupont 'Ligne' in black Chinese lacquer. The Dupont makes a special noise called The Cling when you open the lid correctly. Heavy, eh? 

Go www.dunhill.com for Rollagas action. Visit www.st-dupont.com and brace yourself for ‘I’m not gonna write you a love song’ by Sara Bareilles. "breathing gets harder.." she sings. Tell me about it Sara. Here’s a confession: I enjoyed it listening. Now there's something that should have a health warning.  Day 5/6 without smoke and I’m loosing it. I must be sickening. 

Might have a Cohiba to get head straight. Ignore Steve and Clint by the way. As for looking cool what do they know? Its all just a smoke screen.



 Two types of man in this world:                                                     Those with nice lighters, and those who dig.
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