Its massive a leap of faith to leave the warmth of the flat and Radio Three and to propel yourself out into nasty driving rain. Don’t think. Do it. Get out in it. One does ask self why briefly. It is literally faith. People with coats and scarves on were having a miserable time of it, I just had shorts, lycra, a Peak Performance windcheater and the gnome hat. Even looking  through my post on the door step couldn’t delay the inevitable. You leap into the rain, somehow knowing that deliverance will occur. You'll end up immune to the elements and on a massive high, but not before you endure  the tempest. This is a metaphor for life.

I opted for Paddington Recreation for homely/comforting reasons. Had entertained the track, but felt lacked required steel. Then I saw a lone runner doing laps. Young and a proper runner, properly legging it.  He was running intervals of some sort. I hit the track with a gulp as the rain upped its spiteful vertical drive down.  My Nano choose to step up and, my God it played a set. Let me know if you agree, (see listing with links). To the backdrop of the monumentally hard, grey rain and my inspirational sound track, we began our super set battle.

                                                  Paddington Rec, back in the day.

The  magic super set interval works like this, with mad symmetry about it that allows you to push self very hard. Sprint 200 absolutely flat out. Jog 200. Run 600 (1 ½ times round) as fast as possible, bursting at the end. Jog 200. Then run 1600 (4 times round) as fast as can. That’s a set. Somehow the chopped up the sets allow you to push madly at each stage.  You find yourself really kicking and going quick for the last mile, at a rate you wouldn’t normally feel comfortable at. I’d burst past the running bloke as he was on his catch up lap, then he’d take me again at full speed when I was doing my 1600 meters.  It was an interval based duel. It went on for two and a bit sets. No one likes to be overtaken, and its always satisfying striding past another runner. With these two factors like flow and ebb the duel went on and on. Then with a nod he buggered off. The music however stayed at full throttle. The right tunes transcend the place you’re in and allow you to go even harder.

                                                                    Original Pad Rec running man.

When the end comes it's quite an incredible high . Running faster and faster on the home straight up the Crescent, totally charged and driving self like mentalist. On finishing it's like you’ve transcended your earthly being and are now stood in the semi hail immune to the elements. Steaming, triumphant, and listening to Morrissey.  The high is completely surprising considering you don’t take any drugs. Am smoking a Villiger cigar now to celebrate. I do love a contradiction.

Track listing from the running Nano track duel. click to visit and download.

Steely Dan - Show Biz Kids (mental to run to) (from Countdown to Ecstasy)
Stevie Wonder - Jesus Children of America (from Innervisions)
The Beatles- Hey Jude- (surprisingly mental to run to, the last chorus makes you feel like you’re running on behalf of mankind)
The Smiths Charming Man (always good in the rain)
The Smiths Handsome Devil both by The Smiths (the Nano is a big fan of The Smiths)
Jay Z with Bounty Killer public service announcement (Jigger and Bounty Killer kicks right  off) (The Black Album, but no Bounty Killer)
Ram Jam- Black Betty ( mad to sprint to. Mad)
MIA Paper Planes (brilliant to sprint to when gun shots go off)
Morrissey I’m Not Sorry (ideal to ascend to)