Actual product based coverage begins here. These are watches I like from Basel.  Some are fantasy pieces, but we’re talking aspiration, right?  Will aim to keep it real too. In no specific order, these watches gave me horologic wood in.  Some I’ve not got images for yet, so they’ll have to come later. Some PR's still pretending to work in Basel perhaps. (click on headings for links).


Bulgari - Daniel Roth ‘Power Reserve’

Bulg’s bought this company and now produces a line in using their  operation. Really liking the visuals frankly,  v. unusual case shape, brilliant display layout. This one has a stupid tourbillon in the middle and am sure is one without. Gonna find. Think a power reserve is one of the most key functions one could wish for.


Zenith El Premiero Chrono

OK the El Premiero movement is astonishing with 36,000 oscillations a minute, but you can't see it until now.  You can hear it a bit, (click  to hear), but now can actually tangibly witness it. The second hand looks mesmerisingly animated as it flys round at a rate of one rotation ever 10 secs. Never seen a hand act like that before. Mental. That's why its called  'Striking seconds'. Also love what am calling tri-colour sub dials on chrono. Timing fennel will never be the same again.


Harry Winston Avenue Square

Harry Winston have the chicest stand I have decided. That aside was very taken with new versions of Avenue Square. Might put white and yellow gold versions up depending on how dedicated am feeling.  The colour scheme is double subtle and their over lapping art deco circular motif works so well. Observe  the power reserve indicator and mood phase. How stylish is that design? Good to see they've made the effort at 43k CHF.  Nice one, Harry.


Cuervo Y Sobrinos 'Prominente'

Completely seduced by Cuervoy y Sobrinos. A Cuban Swiss crossover house hailing from a pre-revolution Cuba. Brand is steeped in history and romance, resurrected in last six years or so.  Think was most atmospheric apt all show.  My fav is the Prominente with its fancy, trippy, lugubrious numerals,  and plan to get one to go with my Sexton suit. The Topido Historiodor Seminal (checking spelling) is one in video and is based on an old piece they found with C y S workings and design, thus validating a brand some people have cast aspersions on in the past. M.D Massimo Rossi  is the boy, and am digging his approach. He likens the T.H.S to a vintage Blackberry He also gave me massive cigar, but that has not affected my journalistic eye as already sucked in.


Patek Annual Calendars, the catchily named 5205 G and 5960.

Patek Phillipe have finally yielded up their images. The Annual Calendar is a remarkably special, complicated watch. Here’s two versions including the new chrono model. The many features are so neat and precisely delivered: Utterly reserved elegance and functionality. My favourite detail is the white second hand. Does that make me a bit dim? Don’t care. Moon phase vs. Chrono? Check the power reserve on the chrono and the single red second hand. But wait, oh the pretty stars in firmament of the MP. A very tricky way to spunk 54 large, no? Liz, do you do test drives?


Arceau Petits Chevaux
Cape Cod Quadrige

Am so damn into enameling. Its the next big luxury watch story. Believe me. Only problem is, its extraordinarily spenny. £60K ish each for these babies. Some one really special and key does this work and she's the only one who can. Getting info on her. Love these graphic designs.


Bell&Ross Vintage BR 123 Carbon

 Something new and really good from B&R, the Vintage Carbon. Still tons of B&R handwriting, tipped hands etc., matt black finish, and familiar numerals, but a new shape. V. attainable bit of hardwear for £ 2,600, and not quite as obtrusive as the big square BR01.