CP Company AW 2010


We in fashion are on to Autumn Winter 2010. Don’t worry yourself, it doesn’t change the weather or ought. Means have been looking at winter clothes though. C.P.Company (click) , the Italian garment explorers and prestige casual wear governors are one of my favourite things on the planet, bar nothing. Their outerwear is exemplary. Coats like this one are particularly crucial, as pedestrian men are inclined to notice one brand or model of coat which is good, then all happily wear it in mindless droves. Look at what’s happening with Barbour quilted jackets right now. Think also about Belstaff belted motorbike jackets. The bovine outerwear idiots will never get into this level of gear (I hope). See ‘Ubiquitous Outerwear Epidemics’ post where this wrong shall be exploded. 

This car coat/cinched waist explorer padded affair is the absolute lick in my book. Why? The shape is brilliant, particularly vital is the cinch. Most blokes never get that. This must be pulled in. Also hood design and patch pockets. The fabric is v. subtly brilliant: delivering semi dad car coat vibe, but the handle and look is actually v. superior. Properly under the radar stuff. It feels so good to wear, don’t exactly know why. It’s a connoisseur’s piece, and most men wouldn’t get it.

C.P. Company: Connoisseur's car coat style

Also key however is that is costs £524, and there are only a couple in the country. This detail keeps hoards of budget demi-trendies from even thinking about buying it. When the trendies deck themselves out in Guccis and C.P. Company, am joining the Hari Krishna’s. (Who incidentally have remixed their classic Hari Hari, Hari Rama to great effect I noted in Soho on Monday. Yes, the egg yoke lads).

Thanks for the assistance in filming Lydia. Please try to laugh at me a little less in future. Can’t you see this is a serious business? C.P. Company has also produced this bike (see film) . Like it a lot too. Great look, colour scheme and handle bars, plus has gears. You fixed wheel mugs are on my list too and I’m coming for you. Bring on the revolution.


NB. Dedicated C.P.  Company fans should know that it has been sold to an American company that produce Eddie Bauer. I’m not over the moon about this, but can't work out if will change anything or not.

C.P. Company images: AW 2010

Goggle jacket AKA The Mille Miglia

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