Move over (East), Darling.


Visited Dennis Publishing on Cleveland Street today in Fitzrovia, passing Cleveland Dwellings. It was here in 1889 Prince Albert Victor, son of Prince of Wales and second in line to the throne, was caught blatantly rumping rent boys in the ‘Cleveland Street Scandal’ male brothel affair. This had some contributory destabilising factor in triggering the Jack The Ripper cover up murders. Fact. Its still pretty ‘down town’ there now. Look at their set up with the doorbells. Authentically slummy, no?

Bell bottoms

Meanwhile, just got thumbs up from the surveyors in E5. No such door bell turn out for my new posh place, which incidentally is called ‘Lavinia’. It's carved into the very stone. Is the name Lavinia, (daughter of Latinus and Amata) a little poncey to put on my address and calling cards? I like the grandeur but worry it might sound like my drag name. Tom Stubbs, 'Lavinia', etc..

Keeping it real, E5 home help

On a very different plain, in West London, slum dwelling interior news wise , I was testing the bathroom ceiling to see how long it had before it caves in, when it caved in. The terrorists sleeper cell upstairs has been trickling ‘water’ through for a while, bless them, and it’s caused this. Luckily, the water goes straight down the toilet, the lid of which fell off the previous month. I do count my blessings in this area. Upstairs crew been dragging sacks of ricin about more and more of late, and am worried the whole thing might go up or down depending on what gives. Still, five weeks and counting before am out of this dilapidated semi-slum. MI5, expect a call boys. MFI, also expect a call from a very shaky skinflint dilapidated landlord.

Hole west london scene is over

Talking of government bodies, in true fashion style, I’ve gotta say “Thank you Darling” , and hail a big shout out to man like Al, The Chancellor. He abolished ‘Rinse Duty’ for first timer buyers under £250K.  Yes rude boy! My mind instantly worked out what £2,500 was in Gucci loafers. However will spend on the ‘walk down' wardrobe/cellar am devising. As an eminent cigar smoker once said, I love it when a plan comes together.

Distressed accessory trend continues