Off the hook optical adornment


Ran into Stretch on Dean Street outside (We Are) Cuts hairdressers yesterday. He just got his new opticals adorned with gold rope and personally designed T&M initial pendants. (Toby McLellan). Dare I say bling bins? Totally over the top, but working brilliantly with the jeweller's look for sure. Who says style merchants take themselves too seriously? We got a bit mixed about with Grayson vs. Inman, but can't find any still pictures of either unfortunately to clarify. It was Grayson (click) who wore them.  Also notable are the poche man-clutch and the fringed, tassel, brogued loafers. Street style? This is the next dimension.  East London streets, eat your scruffy hearts out. Yes Soho style massive contingent.

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