Have identified another hat trend while at LFW and out in East sector. Also found really effective way to age yourself in front of young people. Simply use cultural reference points like say Dexy’s Midnight Runners (you really should click), or even Citizen Smith (not so urgent to click, but still) and watch age gap widen to a chasm and expressions glaze. Anyway, the little rolled knitted hat trend was seen at Top Man in their Berlin Boys collection, also in the Primrose Hill hip society designer James Small’s show, (see both in LFW review). Also spotted this move on East London trendies. Is this the beginning of picket line chic?

                 Top Man Design                                           James Long

I’m finding the look more Kenneth from Citizen Smith, particularly when deployed with National Health style glasses. Kevin Roland also got Dexy’s Midnight Runners up in these hats along with their Northern Soul style leather holdalls, (go ahead youth, make that click).

            Tooting Broadway Boyz                                                         Dexy's Midnight Mans Dem

I’m keeping it Gnome Boy myself (see previous post), and am bringing that look from W9 to E5, trust. Talking of which, cant decide which gang to join when get to E5, there are so many! Been looking on all the sites, and have it down to a couple. The Gilpin Sq. Boyz maybe? The Springfield Man Dem or perhaps the quaintly named Mothers Sq. Boyz? Who knows. My E5 pals said might all join at once too. Perhaps we’ll get a discount.

Alternatively we start our own. Stretch's Midnight Mans Dem? The Clapton Popular Front? Oh no. I’m doing it again. Sorry young 'uns.

Anyway,  The Shuttle Cock&Bollokz crew is name we’re going with at moment.  Its a badminton/street reference.

Badminton is massive. Power to the people.

Stubbs out.

(Ahem, Julie. You're on. Thanks)  (Done it. JS)

                                  Kings Hall. Lower Clapton Road