Gucci Pop Up ‘Sneaker’ Shop

WITH MARK RONSON  (Pop up your Ronson perhaps?)

Earlham Street Covent Garden, London from April 22nd for three weeks. 
Pop shop

I’m a big fan of the house of Gucci, and used make pilgrimages to the New Bond Street shop back when it was a little bit stuffy and the preserve of a few aging Sloane Rangers. We used to call the crescent of loafers laid out on a sort of round plinth the Gucci carousel.  Gucci couldn’t be further from that dusty licensing purgatory now.

Got invited to review the pop up Gucci icon trainer shop on Wednesday. Love the broad red and navy heritage stripe the surrounds the shop. The brilliant clean white space is being used to showcase the line of trainers (or sneakers as the Americans and Italians call them), designed in conjunction with famous producer of cover versions and DJ, Mark Ronson.

Teenage kicks, so hard to beat (or afford)

Does wearing a lot of trainers in the past qualify you to design them? Frida Giannini was in on the collaboration to keep an eye. This project is aimed linking Gucci with a younger market, hence all the digital and on line capers that the kids just cant get enough of. The Gucci lifestyle ap’ has had half million downloads so far, and  the special ‘Ronson’ model is only purchasable for those who have the ap’.  

This foray into young style perhaps heralds a new thrust for Gucci perhaps. The trainers start at £420, and go to £600-ish, so are what you might call ‘collectors’ pieces. Not sure how many of ‘the young’ wanna drop that sort of wedge on trainers by a luxury house, but what do I know about such things? I think collecting trainers full stop is quite naff really. Liking trainers is a different story. These trainers are in lively, stylish colour ways and what might be called ‘fun’. I've been trying to find a link to "Flossin' In My Gucci's" by Ward 23 as reference, but think they might be operating right under the radar.

Talking of flossing, I inadvertently ended coming back for the evening bash thrown by Gucc’, Ronson, and Dazed & Confused. I shot some footage, spoke to the very striking Anna Laub of Prism eyewear (click) about Gucci and her glasses and then went home.

Laub: An optical elusion.

Far too loud, bright and hectic for me frankly, and really wonder if Simon Le Bon and Nick Rhodes are into that sort of thing. I also wonder how they help the ‘down with the kids' quotient? They toddled off to Ronnie Scotts afterwards for all manner of performances and revelry no doubt.

Avid sneaker collectors: The Adams Family

I just went home and thought about what I had seen.

Stubbs In.