Miles From Nowhere


Got the title off a mate of my sister Julie. (Click to discover). Ta for that one Ju, and you Cat.
Not Addison Lee's finest hour.

Shooting on location yesterday morning. Photographer: Jake Walters. Call time for the first model and my assistant Georgie: 4.45 am. W9 by 5.30am. Next two models 6pm at Old Street Esso garage to all make Camber Sands for 8am. I had planned the weather to the last minute. Really I had. 

I deployed the Thomas Crown Affair heist activation system with a fashion slant. All worked like digital clockwork. Three rag tag models slept in Steve's van as we drove the Kent towards the sunrise.


It was quite tough. Instinct urged me to push an outfit or two beyond brief. It wasnt the occasion for pushing. Walters was right. Again. Dagnabbit. I aligned back to my original plan. That is why there is no video of the shoot, because it was ‘full on’ styling all day. Also lost my Dunhill fountain pen and iron and ironing board. Just don't know what to say about those situations right now.

We're rather pleased with the shoot  luckily. I do hope The Rake like it too. 





For the full story buy July's issue of The Rake,  yeah?

Stubbs out.