Farewell W9


I moved out of my place in W9 today after 13 years. It was quite alarming at times. It looked like the gear I had to pack would never end. After nigh on a weekend’s packing the trusty Poles Lukasz and Kamile were on hand to hoist my stuff down two flights of stairs and into their van. 'The Polish are the new Irish", proclaimed an Anglo-Irish client of mine on the matter.

I rapidly got over precious notions about handling stuff as they forced my G Plan side board out the door taking a chunk out of the top surface as they went. One of very few notable bits of furniture, dagnabbit.  They claimed it wouldn’t fit down the stairs. I pointed out that I got it up there with the help of a girl in a mini skirt. (The girl, not me, that is, I assured them). We got it for a song as she was  so fit looking and dressed so tartily the day I bought it.

£50: G-G-G-Unit.

Regardless, the lads were pillars of strength and morale. Heroes. Poles apart from the help one gets from British couriers.  But one van was not enough. I twice had to call London’s omnipresent Addison Lee (couriers) to send extra transit vanage. It looked properly pikey out on the street with my stuff strewn about. I left a fashion image in the front garden as a Saltram sign-off. A convoy of four finally left The Crescent behind. The Saab, the Poles and two Addisons.

I said goodbye to the place earnestly.  My West friends and I can trace generations of pals who lived in that place back to 1987. The line is broken. I’ll miss the little birds I’ve fed for years. Goodbye goldfinches, goodbye robin, goodbye Scarecrow.

Bird fancying took up most of my time in W9.

It’s done now. I’ve both left/arrived.  I noted that in 1997 when I moved in the Tories were in power, for a while, until Labour Nouveau came and whipped their arses. Look at the state of things now. A hung Tory parliament is about to preside it seems. I will say my respects to the exiting chancellor though, as without his abolition of stamp duty for first time buyers, the beautiful floor am putting down would not have been possible. Thank you Darling. The reclaimed Victorian pine is coming up smashing in E5 due to your legislation. It’ll be especially pleasant when there is an actual bedroom floor. Still, never had a cellar before, and its nice to gaze into it.

With leaving, Alistair Darling, Mr.Connolly (Landlord) and even my dear father Don, (who would belt this song out on occasion) firmly in mind I was inspired to link this significant day to a song. For those of you who’ve not worked out the title ..

Do click  on these for the leaving of.. original from The Dubliners... or The Pogues version. (The Dubliners, aka the Ronnie Drew Group, set is worth clocking just for the other act joining in alone).

"So fare thee well my own true love,

when I return united we will be,

its not the leaving of W that grieves me,

but my darling when I think of E.."

Stubbs out.