hot pants in the village

There's tons of stuff  to do today. Build a walk-down-wardrobe in a cellar, paint a bed white, meanwhile invent a new future for mens style imagery. Then there's a Spencer Hart/Esquire runway show to prep for Sunday and a Vintage Seekers fashion shoot to plan for Monday...but it's suddenly so very hot. Maybe this sort of documentary style coverage will do instead.. Coming soon to Style&Error a new franchise: TATTOO DATING. One tries to  guess the date/era that the person got their ink done. Bonuses given for tat' meanings too. In East London the craze has gone properly berserk, with all manner of pillocks walking round with gang markings, jakuza adornment or just ridiculous Shoreditch scribble of the week, so it should be a hoot. Ignore these posturing jokers, they're nothing do with the trendies. At all.

Stubbs out (in the sun)

These two didn't always appear this gnarly. They were quite sweet back in their day, see.