Tie Tirade, fashion colour naming clique & reverse stalker in Mayfair.

Ran into Style&Error vet' Andre De Trichateau today,  who looked very smooth indeed. Note the clever  colour balance that he was operating. He initially criticised the size of my tie knot , (miniscule) , then launched into an anti-tie rant full stop.

Size Matters: Burberry tie, Spencer Hart shirt.

I recorded his articulate testimony and his slick little city look. See video below and spot the Italian luxury brand Andre is a affiliated with.

While chatting with him about todays and yesterday's outfits, it became apparent we are cut from the same cloth on more matters than just snaffle love. He described the colour of the trousers he was wearing as 'biscuit' while yesterday's jodhpurs were deemed to be 'bone trimmed in caramel'. People like Andre and myself, ('in fashion' that is), never say a colour per se. It's always either a very specific type of colour, a simile or colour metaphor. Fabrics become petrol or ivory or tomato. One talks of putty, cement and stone. Rooms are never blue but are midnight, powder, steel or teal. Its a bit like a fashion masonic handshake, in as much as you meet someone who's talking like that about colour, chances are they're one of your own on that fashion level.

Instant stalker.

Talking of one of your own.. ..shortly after seeing De Trich', bowling along, minding my own style business, I spotted a hat and a half. I couldnt resist getting some S&E footage. In the manner I thought of the  esteemed fashion recorder and detail inspector, The Sartorialist. It was that rare thing, a city Deer Stalker, worn by a Swiss gentleman.  I thought it was quite interesting, but am not really au fait with just going up to people and filming as yet, and perhaps the consequences of doing so. Am going to have to develop this knack. Any tips Scott? Am 'all ears' (that's a different columnist again..) My subject became quite curious as to what I was all about, and was forced to ease self out of the situation that I had solicited. Sort of  reverse queer stalker. Perhaps it's an occupational hazard.  I wonder if Scott Schuman gets into any interesting scenarios? Perhaps it's different for Americans and style bloggers who  operate at a different level? Perhaps should consider changing the name of the blog to 'Look who's stalking.'

Stubbs out.