Birthday celebrations, low key style


For Jake's all male birthday celebrations yesterday we sat in his garden eating the best pastries E5 can offer and drinking coffee, while looking at the variety of abrasive and ridiculous cards people had made for him.

Then we watched England's pitiful football humiliation on the world stage.

In the evening Jake, Holden, Tolero and I went for supper at St.John Bread & Wine. It was  very civilised indeed. Then drove across town with the roof off my Saab and Sticky Fingers on the stereo to meet Morrissey in the Dorchester hotel. For the next few hours Mozza proceeded to wrestle Jake openly in the piano bar in between bouts of questions to the rest of us. It was an hilarious and surreal accompaniment to the roster of Black Russians that rounded of the weekend neatly.

I might elaborate but on a countdown to style Diane Abbott for a magazine cover a 3pm. We did have a plan. Think it's gone west.

Here's one we made earlier, as they say on Blue Peter. Do you like it? Never got used dagnabbit. Stubbs out.