Manifesto 20th June: Loafers

Loafers are one of life's special indulgences. On a shoe level, they're part of what separates us from the bovine commuters and the rubber soul prols. They're also about as fancy as you can get on your feet without getting into cross dressing. The style above is by Fratelli Rossetti (click) and are part of their 'Glove' range.

I've loved loafers since I got a pair off the market down Keynsham in 1982. I thought I looked very Wham!/Continental at the same time. They were worn with very skinny market jeans. Proper urban aspirational styling. Nothing has changed.

A couple of  proper loafers.

Trying not to 'bang on' further, here are a clutch of good loafer styles that are in the boutiques now. Click on caption for designers site.

Gucci snaffle loafers.

Note these are all Italian brands.  Italians do loafer best. Russell & Bromley and Cleverley are two British exceptions, but today lets keep it strictly Roman.

Not sure if this Manifesto thing working or not. Anyway, loafers are currently on the Hoxton Tapas menu of trendy elements that the young are getting into. Fair enough, but few Bibbles go for good ones it seems. The pivotal factor is what ya team them with. Teeny weeny rolled up skinnies is the Bibble choice. Was looking for white or cream myself and ended up trying some Uniqlo ones as happened to be in there with a client. Been listening to Exile On Mainstream non stop for a week, so the jeans are more 'honky tonk' than I might normally go for, but still a bit Riviera.

Just been out in the real world for the weekend, and on a style and culture level, things are pretty pretty depressing.

Stubbs off.