Appear to keep forgetting this site is supposed to be about style, and getting sidetracked by banging on about life in stead. A young, thrusting web bird told me this caper is all about a concise and consistent message, which is a worry as am delivering neither. Am  gonna develop  and publish some direct style editorial to see if it works. They're gonna be called the Style & Error Manifestos.

Above is a slither of mens style my team and I were working on. Caramel suit that the boy Fenn is sat down in is Gucci AW 2010, shoes by JM Weston, shirt and tie by Emma Willis. There ya go, some style coverage, and rather sharp too, no? OK, think my video M.O might need to be revised too. Not sure how many S&E fans are out there, so not that bothered really, just getting head straight on a few matters.

Below is my stylish new floor, mainly so my sister can look at it and tell our Mum. Oh shite. Talking about life again. Note clothes rails  loitering in the garden. Thats what rails do if left to own devices.

Anyway, expect a roster of S&E Manifestos in the next few months as I work out this new mens styles way of working. Gonna keep the life bit in as what they call colour.

Stubbs out.