The Soccer Aid

This is from making the Soccer Aid trailer we did a month ago. Spot where it is if you can. Bonus style point for naming the suave but relaxed looking presenter. Doesn't my boy look pretty pretty sharp, no? Note also monument to the first recorded sweep over hair do.  Worked on the actual Soccer Aid TV broadcast with my TV client at the weekend, went live Sunday. Quite a mad experience. There were 412 people on the production crew, which seems rather mob handed, no? There were about 50 thousand in the crowd. Anyway, it was quite exciting at times. For example, when my boy and the other presenter, Sam Allardyce, weren't doing their thing live on ITV, we all sat about watching the game together.

Biscuit and a cup of tea?

I ate 7 of Big Sam's biscuits before half time and no one was any the wiser. They just kept bringing them. Mental. Players tunnel was quite mad too. As was dashing through the crowds with three close security  bodyguards to suddenly do an outside broadcast with hoards of 'normal' people all around. Running along with commandos is the only way to roll in crowds, trust. Nathan, my main commando, does actually go commando he tells me after light interrogation. 

I had styled 'my talent's' petrol suit with a moderately spread collar white shirt by Spencer Hart and some elegant shoes from JM Weston. Most exciting bit was when my client's tie strobed like buggery, and all hell broke loose. The next six subsequent ties I produced were not working for various reasons. More strobing from another three Hermes, a 'too sombre' for Burberry by the producer, more strobing,  an 'I'm not wearing that' to further Hermes and finally yes to a bit of vintage Gieves; one of the ties I brought on 'no way we'll ever need this' level . I am learning about this caper as I go.  The whole production was poised to go live in  45 seconds while I tied a four in hand in front of the 412 crew, almost on live TV. Fun, relaxing men's stuff for a Sunday afternoon. Went on pitch for penalty shoot out, but couldn't work out why was there really, once Dermot, sorry, my client looked brilliant. You can't straighten a tie during a penalty shoot out really, not in the 'spirit of the game'.

Celebrity pitch invasion

The after party was of particular note as despite being thrown in the much vaunted Lowry Hotel, was like massive crap wedding, except all the guests were Nicky Butt or Ricky Hatton or Dave Seaman or James Corden or Bradley Walsh. Quite, quite pony scene. Getting there was the best bit, as more commando crowd whisking took place with my new companion, the delightful little bird Konnie, had been told to look after as was getting on with well. Nathan-no-pants put us in a  random-cab up the M602 to avoid the gridlock. More 'normal people' went mad for Konnie outside as we emerged from Old Trafford.

Huq-le-berry fit.

Konnie Huq is  well known by the public it seems. I asked my pal and apparently she got engaged to Charlie Brooker this very day. Who'd have thought it? I remember when he used to write in to Loaded complaining about stuff. Check him out. My pal also pointed out that if she was calling me 'baby cakes', which she was, she thought I was a gay, which clearly I'm not.  Some people...

Stubbs off out into The Metropolis before it shuts for fashion.