In 1944 design engineer Hans Hilfiker deisgned a clock that would become the 'Official Swiss Railways Clock'. Hans nailed it, as his simple and functional design has become an undisputed  classic. The design translates perfectly into wristwatches. Check them (click). Am currently casting possible clocks for my kitchen, and am liaising with my good friends at Mondaine.  I'm torn between the classic and the subverted classic. Obviously the simple roundness is brilliant. However I am sorely tempted by the black square impact of the black square version. Totally fascinated by the white markings on black: reverse brutal Mondaine square style. Would look lovely with black Smeg I hope to acquire.

Putting the debate out to my style crew to see what they think. They're all coming back with round love. Jake keeps banging on about round being like a human face and the world doesn't need square clocks or watches. Doesn't he understand the square watches make the round ones more round?

Hip to be square?

I think there's something mental about a classic Mondaine in black like a futuristic time monolith, or something. Then again there's this  red one...

Reddy or not?

There's worse dilemmas to be coping with that's for sure, but kitchen clock chic is pivotal in this day and age.

Suggestions welcome.

Jury out.