My pal Rowan has just come round to visit tonight, and it dawned on us both that exactly ten years ago to the hour we were racing a Capri from London to Monaco, against five other Capris. No word of a lie. It was a magazine story that got out of hand. At this point in the night we were due to arrive in Lyon, very tired and very weighed in. The next day, June 2nd, we raced into Monte Carlo, arriving at lunchtime, the day before the Grand Prix qualifying, and won. Don't believe us? Check the pictures. We had named our black 1.6 Capri 'Christine'.

The Start: Note Westminster Palace in background, jumpsuits and Burberry scarf.

Burberry Nova check was brand new and very chi chi. I wore it all the way to the Riviera. British heritage labels were not the only luxury items we exported. These proved to be an additional challenge while driving. We picked up a hitch hiker and offered him this gateau we had named 'The Trust Cake'. He wouldnt eat it, so we dumped him. We also bought a figure of a French baker, but can't remember what he stood for. It all seemed desperately poignant at the time.

This is a  picture of us on the track doing our lap of honour. Rowan looks like a balearic action man figure, but you can only see my orange jump-suited arse. Note beard a decade before beard overkill, I salute your facial adornment Rowan.

Rowan had to leave Monaco early in a tiny plane to buy a flat in Whitechapel, so I was forced to take the podium position on my own. Well, not quite on my own, as Donna Air was on hand with Eddie Jordan and some bottles of poo'.

I was shortly to learn that if you want good pictures of yourself spraying a bottle of champagne about the place, dont aim at the photographer. School boy error.

Those were the days. Thats what I did for my thirtieth birthday in 2000. Only remembered at about 2pm that's what day it was as was having such a hoot. Kept the scarf, still got it. Also the jumpsuit. Also the Capri. Never gave it back, just juggled the deceit 'till the publishers and sponsors gave up. Rowan and I shared it for five more years before giving it away to the Capri owners club. Loved you Christine.

Stubbs out.

PS. Whatever happened to Donna Air?