X-Factor Crowd originality failure.

Been on X Factor this week. Not as a contestant, obviously, but as Style Consigliere to my boy O'Leary. On Monday he looked as smart and dynamic as Thomas Crown in the office clip at the beginning of the (first) film,  in pert Burberry trousers, tassel loafers and Start shirt with contrast collar. So pert around the arse in fact, its been an on set talking point, (which was our brief I believe). Tuesday he wore Margiela pleated smart strides and Spencer Hart shirt and tie. The man looks sharp as a sushi chefs Global grapefruit knife. Which is frankly more than can be said for the hoards of contestants. Mens style is my remit, so lets have them up. When did the decree get pronounced that three out of every five young men in the UK shall wear a check shirt? It's ridiculous, I thought they went epidemic a couple of years ago, and was on the wane. Not so. Check shirt over kill is utterly rampant. I'm going to start a check shirt amnesty in the media. Lumberjack chic on a load of Essex wannabe boy bands, and everybody else too makes for an odd vista. The TV crew are as bad, they're all wearing them with ubiquitous TV combat shorts.

World's biggest boy band to date in Docklands today.

The fact that on the street in Hoxton 'taches are also extremely popular, usually teamed with battered work boots is delivering a sort of fey Canadian urban workwear trend. Lumberjack overkill must end soon.

Plunging V necks are also a firm favourite with the more trend led, chest proud style merchants. Not convinced. King V is of course Simon, who pretty much owns the genre.

The Two Ronnies, style icons.

Further more, nerd glasses chic is officially dead and buried, as it appeared that they were being distributed free on the Docklands light railway by the number of hapless jokers  wearing them.  Sometimes two and three handed in one crew. One  act had gone for a nerd lumberjack barber shop quartet stance, all four of them wearing both check shirts and nerd bins. They looked like the black Four Ronnies. Absolutely comical mass irony, without anyone being ironic. Cant post images, so will have to think of some accompaniment to liven this up.

Other style hi/lo points included from the girls a zombie slapper from Lithuania, a tarty orange Thundercat, and a mother and daughter Robert Cavali-esque dinner party hostess look, delivered with quite breathtaking confidence on the hot ashfelt of a Dockland's carpark. Girl style isn't really my crusade, so shall level best alone.

Am gonna use this survey of bad and obvious mass style as a starting point.

Style&Error Amnesties, Style&Error Manifestos and Style&Error Vigilante features all to be launched later this summer when the individual grants come in from the British Fashion Council. God Bless Harold Tillman.

Stubbs Out.