Dolce&Gabbana Chelsea FC suits

At Stamford Bridge, Dolce&Gabbana and Chelsea FC had a little do together last night, to unveil the club's new suits designed by the Italian style masters. Dark blue two button, three piece lightweight wool suits, are to be worn distinctively with dark blue shirt and tie, in an almost retrospective Nineties style format; very slick indeed, and quite a departure from  usual club suit fare. Players get an elegant coat, also emblazoned with the Chelsea lion rampant insignia, (to deter the cheeky sods wearing the gear in their leisure time perhaps? Unlikely).

A handful of available players modelled the new garb in the Dolce & Gabbana lounge installed in the West Stand. After some counsel from nearby football savvy stylist Tony Lewis, I spied Michael Essien,  Mikel, Daniel Sturridge and  Henrick Hilario coyly ‘mingling’ with style’s anointed and TV crews in the sleek, dark blue environment of the cocktail lounge. You gotta be careful with that tone on tone styling on a waiter chic level.  Sure enough, young and good looking, bedecked in dark on dark suit and shirt arrangement, the inevitable happened and someone from Conde Naste Traveller handed the Nigerian international Mikel an empty Martini glass mistaking him for staff. Lesson: never mix strong spirits, posh journos and foreign imports in the same serving. The lounge is  very glamorous place to be doing anything, never mind watching football, or admiring fine tailoring.  I was just settling in when it became apparent I was about to be subbed off.

At nine o'clock the A team of style was separated from the reserves, and while editors and important types settled in for dinner, I went and deployed the blue on blue of my Oyster card while researching how frequent the buses are in West London. Again.

Stubbs out.