Move to Nardo

I left the Northern bit of the Italian boot heel and headed to Lecce and onto a little baroque town called Nardo. A good pal of mine happens to have an ‘apartment’ there. Nardo is an un-touristy place, absolutely beautiful, quiet, and the sort of  location you might dream about. I won’t reveal my friend's identity, so lets call him Bobby. Bobby’s place is a palace. It's an eighteenth century priest's dwelling among a number of  churches right in the middle of the little town. His interior designer Nigel let me in. It’s nothing less than breathtaking. I won't post a load of shots, no point.

Arched 24ft ceilings, ancient solid wood doors  and cold stone floors form the back drop to a delightful and accomplished collection of mid twentieth century and modern furniture and stuff. Nigel and Bobby have created something spectacular. I wish Walters could see it, he could play ‘name that chair’ all day in here. I’m on my own and it’s the best head-space I can ever remember having. Hustling about the place in B&Bs is all very well, but this is beyond special. Thank the Lord and thank the Bobby.

Stubbs ensconced .

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