Polignano a Mare style stuff

Woke up in a funny gaff, a mile from coast, quite smart, but with the detritus of an Italian wedding being cleared up around me. I headed seaward with a list of B&B’s to visit and choose at my leisure, B&B Italia, you might say. No ‘room at the inn’ is another thing you might say. Homeless in his Tod’s in the 3pm heat of Puglia can take it out of a man’s spirit. Working my dongle frantically in a car with the air con on full knowing I hadn’t much time left and the town was shutting for its massive sleep was tense.  A kind lady named Rosa who’s B&B was full, (speaking no English mind), let me follow her to a weird apartment by a factory in the industrial area over the train lines. Not what I imagined, but at least I could call it home. Later that day when I called to tell her I couldn’t even find the place again, she told me she didn’t know what it was called either and it might be best if we met back at her B&B, above a funeral parlour. She now had a room and I was spared a night in a lock up. Maybe a resident died and I witnessed him being loaded into a transit, who knows. I was grateful.

So on to the business of studying the Italians on holiday and their style. I went and sat on the rocks and small beach and watched the Italians on holiday.  The lads are almost more macho than Brits, and most action is spent throwing themselves off the rocks with unlimited bravado .

I felt a little Death In Venice looking at the young birds, so I stopped filming.

At night, the Italians get their glam gear on. Polignano is built on rocks and means something about built on a platform. This tallies with all of the women here who wear rope wedges. All of them. The teenage boys have an interesting style, like futuristic gay cadets. The look contrives elements that include asymmetric body pouches, (preferably Gucci), pedal pushers, Asymetric Travis Bickle Mohawk haircuts that are faded in rather than stepped and lozenge shaped watches on thick wrist cuffs. They’re rather pleased with themselves it seems. I will obtain pictures.

The best look to note though is Italian in black in the day. Sometimes even at a wedding. Italians own that colour. Gonna think about it and post it.

Most useful phrases for today thus far as I get into line with the high fashion stakes down here are:

Voerrei qualcosa in pelle                - I want something in leather

Mi vuol lavare I capelli e fare la messa in piega, per favore                -

I want my hair washed and set

Stubbs out.