go wild in the country (E5)

On Tuesday morning I had a proper fully blown epiphany. I ran less than a k east of our E5 manor to reccie a possible location for a shoot.  I found the English countyside, replete with long horn cows, canals, posh dogs and country pubs. Mental. The location is Hackney and Walthamstow marshes and Lea Valley nature reserve. Five minutes away teenage Hackney gang member terrorize corner shop keepers over their manners, and yet out here people nod good morning to strangers. The dog profile is very telling. While back in the parks and streets of the manor its all Staffs and Mastifs, round here Labradors, Whippets and Weimaraners gamble free through the expanse of green and waterway.  My partner in crime and fellow Clapton pioneer  investigated further. Country Tom.

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