Men’s day of LFW is getting better and better, despite the rude sods in Milan starting their fashion week while we’re just about getting our biker jackets polished and short-shorts pressed.

The day begins with the accessible yet cutting edge tour de force that is Topman, a show not to be missed especially if you were covering the event for a hugely popular magazine’s web site. Ahem.

To catch up on lost time (how had I lost time before the first show? Morning euphoria feeding the birds in garden if honest), I mounted a Boris Bike, a current obsession, and made good speed from Holborn to the Royal Opera House. I was now in pouting distance of the venue. Alas there is a drawback with the bike system. Despite the ‘simply cycle then breeze sans bike’ ethic, if the docks are full, you is left holding the baby. Or bike at least. I circle the opera house while the show went on. It’s a horrid feeling that, known only to badly organised fashionistas. Empty and having missed something ne’r to be repeated. I made up watching the video with the nerds back stage, then interviewed overlord Richardson and managed to catch up with the gist of things


This is my official copy, almost like I was there..

“It's interesting that a high street brand is championing cutting edge tailoring so proficiently. The Mods that bowled convincingly down their runway looked like the proverbial ‘ace faces’, in pert little double breasted affairs, some with trench-parka hybrids, some with psychedelic round sunglasses, all to an Andrew Loog  Oldham version of Play With Fire. Heavy weight styling the Topman crew. However, now that men’s trends and Topman seem inextricably married, and that shorts have gone mainstream this summer, will men dare do as prescribed and don what appear to be high waisted shorts in 2011, almost French knickers style? The suits I condone, the shorts I can't wait to see. On someone else.”

Slightly jarred by own ineptitude I slipped down to Simpsons on The Strand.

Hardy Amies.

Esteemed couture house Hardy Amies set up a garden based presentation there, and a dignified affair it was too. Creative Director Oliver Benjamin explained that it references Amies love of hanging about in his garden in Somerset or somewhere. His collection that included a very fanciable ice blue linen suit with what amounts to Neopolitan construction, (shoulders with no pads like a shirt), is light, classic and quite a departure from what people might expect from HA. “It's lifestyle not just tailoring” he tells me. “softer, elegant, modern”.  Savile Row is looking properly old school Hollywood suave this morning.

Not wishing to make life easy I took another BB to Grazia HQ and filed copy the old style way, by typing it at a desk. Then back aboard a BB  to Somerset House.

Christopher Shannon

So often that fash/street crossover fails, but not with Scouser Shannon, who nails it deftly. To a sound track of Money Mad by The London Posse and Dillenger tracks, his ghetto influenced string vests melded with sweat shirts in white are a double clever motif and wearable too. More street style is exhibited with his grasp of repeated prints and letter patterns, pure Mosch’ heritage style , but done with aplomb. CS  print in cunningly, fanciable colour ways, with white as a foil to various pastels and lilacs made us wish was 25, as would be dropping that look (again). The shorts version mind. NB. White Timberlands and deck shoes were the footwear lick on Chris’s catwalk. Shame Shannon doesn’t give interviews anymore, I can't think why.