new beau brummel phase begins

Been double busy with various style engagements of late, hence lack of posts. Let me review the situation, for myself as much as anybody else.

Worked very intensely for a month or two on a new men's magazine as Style Director. Its all about news, with some style. We launched a sample this week. A British style weekly for men that has a number in the title. Pretty, pretty cool, no?  Gaz7etta came out inside its sibling publication Grazia. You can still buy one on Monday if you pull your finger out.

Other publications recently out, or about to be, include an FT How To Spend It feature on new tailors, (to provide web link to my site early this week) which is essential viewing/reading  if you are remotely interested in style and tailoring, even a little bit. Also The Quarterly main fash' (not out),  The Spectator (not finished), and a piece in forth coming title Sapienza (not thoroughly invented).

Also been conspiring to make my highest profile client the best dressed bloke in Europe, nay the world. Particularly on Saturday and Sunday evenings, on the tele. Have a look. Nous sommes arrives, as we say down Chatsworth Road on a Friday night. (We do actually say that too).

During the week I am a Style Consigliere, advising , composing and commenting on men's style. At the weekend now however, I am a style butler. A different and supportive role that involves measures of styling, pressing, testing desserts, defluffing, opening bottles and speaking in mock German accents. It's very rewarding work all round.

Thursday was particularly pivotal when the tailors of Thom Sweeney (Luke and Thom), and my shirt maker Nash Masood of Emmett shirts fitted their work on to Mr. O'Leary. Am going to document their exquisite creations properly  as soon as I get mo' this week. We all went up a level. The man came laden with wares from Patisserie Valerie to make the whole  occasion even more exciting, (if not precarious on a cream vs. bespoke tailoring level). This lot are the new style A team and Dermot looked  utterly brilliant. See last night's X for evidence.

So as my weekends now belong to Earl Cowell, and my role as style butler is mapped out till Christmas, a new period of freedom during  the week shall begin. I am being measured for various suits and tailoring at five or six different style establishments. I plan to acquire the mid century  furniture from Maurice's gaff and others that would befit my place. I am also summoning my Mother and Sister to visit the metropolis and stay at Lavinia Villa, (on different occasions), to get involved on various levels . It shall be a era defined by both rarified style, much cavorting and loud hooting.

Beau Brummel will have nothing on me by the time Christmas comes, except perhaps syphilis.


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