postcard from the past from Italy

This is probably not of interest to many people. My sister Julie might like it, and my Mum when she gets the internet (this is going to happen. Christ.).  I'm putting it up as a reminder of what I was doing a month ago, particularly as the weather is being sporadically foul. Last night I went to a wedding party. My mother had suggested that I do not get 'pie-eyed' and do anything I regret. From an inspection this morning it appears someone has rolled about in filthy water in my DAKS cashmere overcoat. Its too bad to even hurt.

I do remember trying a new food called Moimoi at the party, but I don't remember the end of the evening. Stretch has just  called to confirm that it was in fact me that lay in a puddle when I spilled out of the cab on Urswick Road.

This video postcard has no puddles, cashmere overcoats or wedding parties within. It does feature custard pie, baroque, panama hat and sunshine.

The confusing bit is which do I prefer?  Doing it all live or the memory.


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