I’ve got the right raging hump. It’s this camel coat trend. I can't really complain, I’m not making actual allegations. Fashion is what it is, but sometimes, just when you think you’re safe minding your own stylish business, it comes and takes one of your bleeding things.

I know who I am, Harry.

First tassel loafers are on every two bob little twat in Shoreditch, now the camel coat is on the specials list de jour. Drat.  Every joker is on it. Ruining it they are. Gucci's show was great, thanks, but is that all it takes for you lot to all go and do something? NB. It is not about the short versions: they are for girls.

Gucci's and a smart little camel coat at Gucci.

People keep coming up and admiring my camel coats. “I like your coat”, they say. Oh yeah, who told you to think that? Someone just wrote something about my camel coat, (thanks for that Moomin-Persian, it was very sweet- click).

Address my remarks?

I wear a single breasted  'Covert' style pale camel cashmere number from DAKS when they did a proper sharp runway collection, and a double breasted rich camel cashmere mix from Moschino which I bought on June 2nd 2005. I was wearing shorts when I got it, which is tricky, but I knew it was the future. Thus in Conduit Street began a long story that finished in another country at a christening in Ibiza held in Terry Thomas's villa.

I need a bohemian atmosphere too.

My Mum has always liked my camel coats, she doesn’t care about trends, she just likes nice men’s stuff. I once shot my best pal smashing up a shop with a dustbin in a camel coat in 1998, a la Performance. RIP Bradley. I shall find, scan and post the image. Fashionable people didn’t like suits or tailoring of any sort back then. Such is fashion.

Anyway, thank goodness camel suave doesn't work on that many of them, the budget jokers. Hopefully it'll all blow over without too much damage.

Look (below), here's another Chas who likes his Camel (not referring to Mils FYI). Turnbull&Asser is it son?

Someone just sent me this picture from a couple of years ago in the DAKS. Not exactly the attitude I normally role with, but at least not gurning.

Stubbs out coverting in camel regardless.

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