I've said it before: Its interesting how quickly something becomes a tradition. Three times and something  just is one. Fact. JW and I have been down the Mangal three Mondays in a row to eat meat. The Mangal is a Turkish Ocakbasi restaurant off Kingsland Road (click), Dalston. The 'Special' is a massive pile of various animals cooked on ferocious open fire thing. It's the Ocakbasi style, and is very special. There is even a tiny roasted quail that sits on the top with a miniature wish bone, bless. Meat can be murder to get through with the amount they dish up. All manner of stuff is on the menu, if you're not into tiny birds, or even meat, although the meat is best. The aubergine thing is pretty special too.  Note. Aubergine's can me right murder too if you insert them in a careless fashion. Which reminds me.

Famous meat fans Gilbert&George come hear all the time. Properly obsessed, they are. They've been frequenting the manor long before fixed wheel bikes, moustaches and flood pants became de rigueur garb with the young, cool twats of the area.

Mangal is one of the best places to eat in London, bar nowhere, to talk about art, talk about insertions, laugh about trendies and generally indulge yourself. I dont think Jake is gonna bring Mozza down here somehow.