Mosquitos on step ladders

All these fellas hang around at the weekend to see people come and go from Simon's tele-program. They stand on step ladders. I love a good step ladder. They don't look as stylish as this lot though. The word Paparazzi comes from a character who hangs about with gossip columist Marcello in La Dolce Vita. His name Paparazzo, meaning Mosquito.

That's him in the background. He looks a bit like GQ's Bill Prince, no? Anyway, look what how modern version equivalent turn them selves out. More like track-suited blue bottles. Spelt mosquito wrong? No I didn't, I was making a point about something. Dyslexia mainly.

Pretty odd and pikie looking scene up in Wembley. What a way to spend a weekend up a ladder? Can think of better things . Bill looks much more dignified, doing a proper hobby. G'wan Bill, play that Bass.