Vogue Fabrics

Only have short time to tap in a few words on a new gaff I have found in the manor. Perhaps it’s the spiraling schedule of stuff going on since I first entered this new domain  that has consumed all of my time? That and the fact that I’ve had me Mum up to stay, followed by my sister Julie. Managed to do a fair bit with them too. Anyway, warning! This is not a family post.

Not got any Peroni then?

So back down at the Mangal the other Thursday, and I thinks to myself, I’ll venture down the Moustache bar that have been hearing about and spying, planning to continue the night's theme of stark contrasts.  Was addressed by a beaming barman asking what I’d like to drink. We’re alone in a neat and thoroughly empty bar, much like a cross between a The Shining dream sequence and Cheers. I left and walked up Kingland Road.

A girl who resembled a marshmallow stripper with Tank Girls Barnet did swipe my James Smith & Sons whangee cane umbrella (click) from me and proceeded to ‘Chaplin’ it up and down the road. “This is how you wanna walk Dapper Dan, this is how you wanna walk!”,  she trilled. Then she invited me to her little club. £3 into her carrier bag and I trooped down the stairs.


At the bottom is a small lively little disco bar thing  going on, with a sign above the bar saying Vogue Fabrics. A friendly chap in fur hat and matching coat with fine moustache and matching beard greeted me by the bar. Lyall is both the proprietor and host, it appeared.  Marshmallow stripper’s identical twin sister was calling out instructions over the mic for semi advanced disco dance moves to a dozen or so attentive dancers, to a disco classic and high energy sound track. In formation they followed her every word. It was an interesting spectacle, not without style or comedy.

The view had something of Adam and the Ants Prince Charming video vs. Ashes to Ashes all being portrayed in a scene from Nathan Barley the movie. The dancers were earnest and bedecked in all manner of the latest garbs. Some of them looked good.

I got amongst it for a bit, sipping my rum and swigging my can of Becks, then I returned to the bar. Lyall is a v. interesting and charming chap. A style polymath of some note I’ll guess.  This place is very comfortable indeed. I needed a local, and I think I’ve found one.

Stubbs out. (not literally of course)

Vogue Fabrics is at 66 Stoke Newington Road, Dalston, see below. Dont all go down there, it'll nause it right up.

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