Phantoms and fans

Dear Reader, I was under the impression that about five people read this, (mother, sister, bessie pals ) but then I met someone the other night who was actually an independent 'subscriber'. This worries me, as haven't posted for a week and a bit. Tres soz. I blame the telly program and Lord O'Leary, (best dressed man on TV in the world bar no-one. Fact) . This has finished, so will attempt to resume normal service. Expect tailoring, night club news (both Vogue Fabrics and Spanish Fly: The club for old men) and the story of The Stowaway: A modern day Pearce Blackborow in a prom dress.

Pierce Blackborow: Cat balancer

More cat balancing from Mr.M himself. Nice Fanny Mozza. Picture credit: Fluffy/JW.

Cat hair.

As soon as can get self out of this TV Studio am gonna be on it like vomit.

Stubbs out

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