All Pinned up

I thought I'd been had up. Rinsed. Mugged off. Taken for a ride. Then it happened...

Scarface- Paul Muni 1932.

The consignment of collar pins and bars arrived from the U.S.A. Brodericks came through, bless 'em (click). Must admit, thought they'd done me right up.

Broderick's, suppliers of collar hardware.

I believe I've been threatening more style coverage and less error. Brace yourself. Right, been thinking about shirt collar styles for a while. Finding many  are just too 'straight runner', too British almost. One looks too keen, like you're on a job interview. Or just plainly working for the man.  I've deployed potent attitude devices, such as collar tabs, while  working with Emmett shirts (click). They up the ante quite a bit, pinching the closed collar around the tie knot.

Roger that.

Tie bars and pins are the next level up from that however. Some style types don't likey. See my pal Bobby at GQ gives them some stick, (click). However, I'm going big on collarbars and pins: suit action with the attitude quotient turned up. I've begun wearing them already. Some from Sexton, some vintage Moschino, some more am having made. Tailoring attitude merchants Tom Ford do them, so do Dolce.

Some people find them a little bit Del Boy. I think Del Boy never wore a bad look.

The safety pin styles are actually quite agro-punk looking, no?

I remember wanting tie pinned collars in about 1980 when I was 10. I got a pale grey one with a dusty pink leather tie. I'd wear that now I think. Different sizing maybe.

Not really finished this, coming back

Stubbs out for a run in the sun, then work on the 38.

Pinned right up: Fred.