So I'm in Milan. It's all happening. I'm representing my new magazine GAZ7ETTA. It's going to be mental. Got a car, a driver and a new fashion husband, Dave. We're both very happy out here. Blogging is tricky as schedule relentless. I'm not complaining mind, just will have to be brief. Day one included Burberry show during which it rained. And Dolce&Gabbana show where Bryan Ferry and his boys were in attendance.

Had videos of both. Don't seem to have anymore. Fuming.

Gonna post something about the practice of 'Robe Shouldering', wearing one's coat on one's shoulders, an Italian tradition dating back to the 18th Century.

Thing is it's quite leery, and not every one should/can do it. This old fella is a master at work.

I gotta go D&G now..