Happy New Year. I’d like to start 2011's posts with an ill advised poem to be read to the tune of The Beatles song of a similar name. Its not very good, but it does accurately depict the year thus far in a few short lines. I than plan to pull out key threads and expand them as legions of ‘fans’ request specifics. I did get given some Norwegian Cheese, and frankly its turned the cheese world on it head for me. Scandinavians are a funny bunch. Began and ended the weekend with them in some way or other.

Norwegian Cheese, 2011.

I once had a client, before very far, we'd become spars

I came to his do, he gifted me these, Norwegian cheese.

I ate it with crackers and Pernod and tried not to scoff

But after I sparked a Cohiba I started to cough.

I loafed at my desk, weighed up the pool, felt like a fool

But when I logged on, conquered my fear, went to Ikea.

OK, thats the gist of things. Obvious there's more to it than that, but please at least grant me artistic parking, if not license. Will do the IKEA mirrored monolith story later. There will be much more style on Style & Error for the New Year. Especially with the burgeoning buzz thats being evoked by the development of GAZ7ETTA. Just give me a day to compose myself.


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