I really have got the blues. Alone, cardless, bereft of flowers and even birds to present them to on Valentine's Night. In by myself with The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra playing Prokofiev . Am properly feeling blue.

'Dandy on the D-Low', Salvatore Ferragamo's grosgrain trimmed dress shoe.

'Feeling blue'  as in complete and utter adoration of my new blue shoes, perhaps I should point out. Been researching something on special, subtle shoes at mo' for FT, and have discovered all manner of shoe brilliance. Blue shoes shall be my thing for spring I have decided. So chic, yet so undercover, and in this case so shiny. One has to go for a semi-flash shoe nuance these days, or it'll be all up and down Oxford Street/Kingsland Road before you can say knife.

Inky loafer chic, is blue, not black.

Favourite shoes personally are the inky blue Prada loafers that I did buy last week. Extremely shiny, but not patent, very dark blue, but not black, these are the kiddies. These and the midnight blue Ferragamo dress shoes, (see top), with cunningly grosgrain-trimmed seams, tongue and other back bit. Divine on the down-low, they're the perfect way to bowl about in current climate. Work best with black Acne jeans or midnight blue mohair evening wear, depending upon schedule.

Blue? Yes. Lonely? Never.