Dover Street was last night illuminated by a stream of A-list types trouping between Automat and the newly opened boutique named 'Chucs Dive and Mountain Shop' . Agent, publisher, global charm monger and friend of the stars, Charles Finch, launched his brand, and all his pals came to look. Thompson and Wise, Geldof and Walliams, even Yentob and Lebedev were all ushered into the cosy, tactile space, shown the clobber and packed off back to Automat.

Drawn from experiences trekking, diving and exploring, the story is a wonderful wholesome one, evocative of  activities in The South of France, Africa or The West Indies, where Charles spent much of his youth. This premium rugged outdoor  gear is nonchalantly chic without appearing to give a hoot. A lot like Charles then.

Giles Deacon has designed the prints that appear on the swimwear, which are fetching for both girls and boys, but its the ribbed round neck knit that hits the mark right now in February dont you think?

It's luxury action product, that has a travelled savvy to it,  in step with the way Finch sees the world. "A Mans finest hour is often not in the office or the boardroom, but on the sports field, the hill and the sea!", proclaims the suave pioneer himself.


Chucs Dive & Mountain Shop. 31 Dover Street, W1. T: 02078519176