laser legs

So am having legs lasered tomorrow afternoon. Been meaning to get those pesky varicose veins amputated, (wrong term, good rhythm), for donkeys. Gotta go back to old manor of St. Mary's in Paddington to go under the laser. Had the choice of full-on strip-out with general anaesthetic, or endovenous laser action.

Retro keyhole surgery

Really fancied the full strip, as love a general. It brings one so much closer to death. All my life (since 10) I have enjoyed attempting to taunt/bait anaesthetists as they administer their penalty. They have all the power at that point. I always, without fail, challenge them and ask if they've ever had anyone not go under. They say no, and I say watch this. They laugh. I laugh. I stare at them intently, my arm goes all nice then I go under. Imagine if you never came back, the last thing you did would be laugh with the anaesthetist.

The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa (veins removed with spear of fire by angel)

Thing was though, the 'strip-out' takes you two weeks to recover. Also, as they outlined the process, I nearly fainted. Am alright with claret, but not the vessels that carry it. This was all about the vessels.

I will have to wear tights. I was hoping to run a 10k race on the 12th Feb, so will have to get myself some nice tights to compete in.

Anyway regardless of hosiery, plan to finish the book am reading while am being burned up at the hosy, then hop in an Addison Lee home. Woe betide the driver if he doesn't know the slip and slides. It's local knowledge I demand, not anaesthetic.