Plural Sex

What is the collective noun for a group of strippers? This was a most challenging question posed the other night at Emily's birthday dinner, attended by half a dozen plus of said 'Jack The Rippers'.  The answers were varied, but incomplete. Thus far a  'Hustle' or a 'Rinse' of strippers are my preferred options. A Little Bit of What You Fancy (click) was the highly appropriately titled venue.  I was rather pleased with my present to Emily. False eyelashes (and two years worth of glue) from Shu Umera.

Once sourced it lead to my hilariously creative card that I made for her depicting two transvestites that looked rather like Emily herself. Oh, how we all laughed and laughed. Emily is beautiful, so this rather gives one carte blanche to err on the mean side to her when it comes to matters  such as this.

I was 'stuck' down one end of the table with five of them, ranging from Californian to Belgian, from Moldovian to Israeli, and one from Leeds. There were some double sharp brains in attendance, and I am awaiting some well thought out and creative answers to the noun quest from both the strippers and civilians alike. I was also taking a poll, (ahem), of most suitable/unsuitable music to dance to. 'We Are The World' by USA was number one. I will regale you of the noun search and more music when not on deadline for something.

The men's bit of LFW is kicking off tonight at Dunhill, and then all hell breaks loose for the next 36 hours. Well, perhaps not hell, more like mildly awkward Bedlam. Gulp. Am still licking my wounds from Sunday, really. Yesterday one could barely drag oneself to the Lido. Cant even imagine what to wear tonight...

Meanwhile, a note to all you shrinking violets feeling like you're missing out on the lashes scene. Get involved, and look, here's what a little make up can do.

TS out. (Not that sort of out)

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