Secret sartorial codes

Hermès Chaîne d’ancre in new colours of lacquer.

A secret sartorial code exists in menswear. It’s subtle and although its signs and symbols are present, they don’t shout. Sometimes, those that know don’t show.

The Chaine d'ancre cufflink is one such talisman of knowing style. This Hermès motif was first taken from an anchor chain link in The Thirties, its design prevents twisting. The house has used it in many ways ever since. As a cufflink it functions simply, practically and without flourish. Original conception as an element of engineered tackle ensure it’s convincing on a visual level, thus making a pleasing cuff adornment. Unnoticed by many, it’s a resonant emblem of refined quality and taste for others.  This spring sees new vibrant colours in the lacquered version. Bright, modern and tactile, this potent little classic telegraphs all sorts of chic messages. It’s so discreet, those that don’t know wont get twisted either, although saying it properly is a different kettle of fish altogether.

Another example of Chaine d'ancre-age.