Luxury fashion has done this to me. A rampant posh sugar addiction and a shattered work ethic. Supposed to be writing all day, and all can do is think about next coffee and cake/sugar fix. It's compulsive. Am literally working out so can eat more and more cake. Have become an obese person trapped inside a fit body. Am taking these Ladurée round to Stretch and Martha's before I do the whole box.

The last two days it was the Audermars Piguet Swiss chocolates, in the night, in a trance. Quite mental. Before that the bleeding dark chocolate Nespresso complimentaries my sister sent...it's all very addictive behaviour. I call this composition 'Landscape with Macaroon, Brown Sugar and Wedgwood'. I should get out more. Or less perhaps. Here's a short film on the subject.

Cups and saucers at Prada, Dior, Hermès, Valextra, Prada, Hermès...

Mine are Wedgwood, and a family heirloom. Did I mention that?


PS. Two red and white balloons? Yes, for the two Arsenal goals against Barcelona (2:1 first leg)

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