Now here's a thing. It's twinning. Saw these two orange nutters in Milan giving it large outside Vivienne, and although a bit extreme, they illustrate Twinning rather well. It's when two blokes, often straight, inadvertently start dressing identically.

It's often not clear who is driving it, but if challenged they would say, "no, we don't dress the same. Look, he's got a plaited tan belt, where as my is plain suede". The chaps above would no doubt say "What about  the scarf?! Anyway, Paolo here is two whole shades of Cuprinol lighter than me, and besides, I've got two tram lines, he's got only one, you fool", (except in Italian). They don't notice it. Their vision of what is stylish dress becomes so narrow and blinkered they end up Twinning.

Twinners spotted today, have video to prove, parkas, brogues, turn-ups, arms, everything.

Mirroring is a slightly different version that happens to close friendly stylers. It's not complete, but happens only on occasion. Good pals who get into the same rhythm sartorial, next thing they turn up for an event dressed the same. Massey and I have done it. Stretch and I used to do it 10 years ago, (The now infamous 'Moschino Incident', where I looked like mutton even then). It's quite amusing. Proper Twinners don't notice their plight though.

I am on the look out for more Twinning from spring onwards, as it happens more in summer months. If I've got any readers left, which I doubt after my heinous neglect, please send me your Twinnage and we can all have a laugh at their expense. Deal? I believe it's been used as a comedy vehicle before, but hey, all great style has already been before done, right.