Basel Nouveau Hippies

Basel, Switzerland, and in my alternative lodgings, Hemant, from India makes me Chai tea first thing before he goes to work. He explains that after 'you', (The British), came to India and got right into tea, the Indians then 'modified' the recipe and invented Masala Chai, or spiced tea. It's exceptionally good.

Hemant & Heir Laffer: Yin & Yang of beverage.

I stay with The Nouveau I.T. Hippies in this town. I eschew the agro' of boarding in Zurich, France or Germany.  I also swerve the prison barges mored on the Rhine in Basel, reserved for the journo hoards. Instead I lodge in the spacious rooftop apartment of three maverick techno-science fellas. They are modern hippies in effect. Staying there is the perfect antidote the onslaught of the immense watch trade fair, propelled by money, markets and consumerism. The Nouveau I.T. Hippies have a sense of humour. The WiFi code they offered me was bespoke. It read lauf-Forest-lauf. Run-Forest-run in English. I think they might be gumping me off.

Spring at the Wasserturm, Bruderholz, Basel.

Spring arrived this week, for some places and people. Running past the Wasserturm (water tower) I've discovered and into the low hills of Basel is a proper delight. It cleared my head. With this clarity I now plan to upgrade things on Style&Error. The comment will remain, but I want to bring various regular weekly items into play. STYLE-REFEREE will be one. STYLE&ERROR VIDEO STANCES are another.

When I get back from my 10k run, Heir Laffer has made me Swiss coffee. It's also very good. Hemant and David Laffer are the Yin and Yang of morning beverage hospitality. They leave me firing on cylinders I didn't know I had. He's left me one in the chamber. Lock and load Dave. Lock ad load.

Basel World, watch Mecca.

The big scary Basel watch fair? Bring on the utter horology of it all...

TS on it like Gromit.

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