A selection of crew members; JW, editor/sister Ju, and The Persian Moomin went to the first new Chatsworth Road Market on Sunday. It was a jolly enough affair. Lacking in substance but not in potential. You'd be sorted for vintage tea cups, cakes, and random pony ornaments, but there's not much else on the stalls. Yet.  It is early days. Broadway market was very similar at the beginning.

One particularly encouraging stall was attempting to 'Manage the Gentrification of the Area'. Brilliant. Manage it so that we all sell on the same week in five years time, thus making the most money, right? Even the trendies weren't really trendies today. E5 has that rambling, bearded thing going more than the E8 version . Perhaps they were all down the nearby Lea Valley Nature Reserve actually rambling? Click to read property review/blog of burgeoning grey fronted cafe scene at this spot.

Naturally we visited the Chatsworth Kitchen, Sara's gaff, which has been open nearly a year now. We've been terrorising her since the start and have earned 'friend' status. This means you get served slower and are subject to random unsolicited anecdotes from her during your visit. NB. Chats' Kitchen is v. good. Smashing food, affordable, you should visit if in da manor despite an unorthodox approach to things like taking orders and serving and having enough provisions.

The market is scheduled for every fortnight. It's all just so exciting for us Claptonites. I do so hope it does not clash with Milan Fashion Week, fingers crossed. The Trendies are coming, in hoards..

The music on the video is The Au Pairs 'It's Obvious'. And it is obvious when you think about it.

TS out.

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