fashion work

Been working on proper stuff all week, writing about small leather things for FT HTSI and styling Lord O'Leary, so LFW post is neglected further. Might even combine the two projects, see below.

This Spring Acne Lederhosen are a strong look.

Raises the issue of who gives a monkeys what I saw at LFW, really, none of you lot (Mum, Ju, JW, that bloke in Australia et al) give a hoot am sure. Unless of course I say something that has interesting knock on effect, like say, 'so and so can't make trousers for toffee and is a fat lummox' for example. Actually, that sort of thing is great fun. Will get  a post together as soon as can.

Its a good week for scandal, so perhaps can get away with saying  something really true and controversial under cover of  'Galliano is a Nazi-Gate'.


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