Marls from nowhere

I don't give out much advice on this blog, but here's a hot tip: Intimissimi tee shirts. Been meaning to go in to buy a marl grey tee shirt from this place for about three years. Fav' tee shirt bar none is from there and I don't even know how I acquired it. Wear it all the time and is pivotal to several looks. Only had one, which is just silly. Marl is brilliant but it can be hazardous (click).

Intimissimi is a small, quite high street women's underwear shop on Oxford Street (of all places), that does brisk business. At the back, hidden, are the mens tee shirts. They have ten percent something stretchy, and after 2 years solid washing and wearing they are the best tee shirt in the world. Fact. There are other colours. Standard marl is the best. Managed to go in there and bought 3 for £40. They are £15 each. Life is far better now.

Here's some more quality high street marl. Uniqlo socks. They are excellent. Not so much for wearing out, but for round the yard. While we're on the subejct, Polo Ralph Lauren joggers, and Gap cashmere sweatshirt-a-like knits are also very good indeed. Marl is brilliant. It's wholesome, appears egalitarian and low key. Everyone should have some. However, be warned. It makes fat people look fatter, and pikie people look more pikie. Interesting eh? Have you seen gangs of urban tearaway kids wearing the thick marl jogger bottoms that curl under like Aladdin pants? Well Chav. Worn with black Reebok Classic usually. Not what one might call aspirational. So in fact Marl is a sort of sartorial litmus that seems invisible but isn't.

Approach it, but be cautious, especially if you're  fat and/or urban scum.

Topman did some very nice marl stuff which am going to dig out and post.