Here's a thing, Style&Error's shoe fortnight. I put shoes up (nearly) everyday for you to look at, for about two weeks. I am immersed in proper investigations into the most stylish mens shoes, especially those that possess a certain 'shoe nuance'. I might as well post them, right? Shoe fans, brace yourselves. Well, at least get yourself lubed up.


Launching first mens shoes for AW 2011 this June. Some of them are quite mental. Interesting fusion of quite classic British elements with some more unusual materials and finishes. Really good first foray into mens, and have delivered pieces not seen elsewhere. They appear to know what their plan is for men. Clever lightweight 'framed' seaming in some cases. (click to check site)


Here's a 'Porno Paisely' version of this style, Sloane, but prefer tiger pony myself. NB. These are 'dress'  loafers, but I'd drop them down The Murder Mile just as happily as Vogue Fabrics.


Looks solid, is actual v.light, with said 'framed' seams, quite handsome too.


An interpretation of a Monk shoe in boot form. Subtly challenging.


I dont believe in distressing shoes, I think its a bit silly. Some people like it though. Choo have produced quite a mad looking sort of hobo monk shoe in two suedes. Alternatively normal black leather or crocodile. Far more sensible.


Not a massive Chelsea boot fan, but these have an elegance to them that makes them very fanciable.

Christ, that was almost like style coverage. Better be careful or will end up with  American Apparel adverts on here next. Yeah right.

Stubbs out in Metropolis on shoe quest. Interviewing that Mr.Hare later too.

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